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Sunlight Sport Park

Total measure of the Area: 20 Hectares

Concrete Results:
Water Resource Bureau tore down more than 300 original buildings with the violation of law in 2007, including more than 30 highly contaminated electroplate factories and 3 gravel depots and successfully transformed them into sport leisure parks with measure of 20 hectares. Also, the largest leisure area of park along the river in the grand Taipei city. Moreover, these parks associated with Xi-Zhou park and Bi-Tan spotlight area.

The characters of these parks are as the followings:

  • 1.To create the master character for the network of roads

  • 2.To promote riding quality through high class and elegant riding trail

  • 3.To provide comfortable service and facilities through creating high class service and leisure area and increase the comfortable atmosphere

  • 4.To promote the sightseeing along the area through the green planting along biking trail

  • 5.To refresh the space along the west bank of Xin-Dien river by the principles of safe, flat, comfort, guide and speed.

  • Location : Xin-Dian

  • Starting from : 2008

  • End in : 2009

  • Status : finished

  • Resource : The Engineering Management Department of Flood Plain

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