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The Engineering Project of Improving Pollution and River Ailey Environment in Zhongan Canal

  • 1.  Total Expense: 2 billion and 182 million

  • 2.  The Contents of Engineering:

    1. (1) The engineering of anti-flood interceptor: To intercept flood by upside down triangle barrier and set up the break pressure tanks along two sides, including tank with width from 2.5M to 6M, tall 2.5 M on right bank and the other tank with width 6 M and tall 2.5M on left bank.

    2. (2) The engineering of sightseeing environment: walking path with intimate water, falling water with fountain and lighting and green planting all over bridges.

    3. (3) The improvement of solid wall against riverside: All of the solid wall all over river sides are covered with climbing and hanging plants and also decorated with alternated colors of materials. The roof of the covering increased by green interior land to create gardening city.

    4. (4) To promote public space and area functioning: To set sup 3 squares and 1 vision exhibition, 1 control center and 2 green parks(5) The improvement of bridges: There are total 11 bridges in the improvement, including rebuilt, renewed and improved ones.

    5. (6) The improvement of ecological porches: To promote ecological quality in this area, these porches along the rivers take advantage of the interior green land and primitive shrubs with the function of carbon saving to create ecological environment.

    6. (7) The improvement of sidewalk and biking trial: All the biking trials are separated by grass so that the movement of sidewalk would be smooth to shape leisure environment and connected with the upper space of hallway to create excellent space of sightseeing.

The total effectiveness of this year is to finish the interception of the waste water along banks from living and send them to the waste water treatment plants. Also, after appropriate combining four different kinds of water, including the effluent reuse water from Wu-gu industrial district, raining water, the water under ground and tap water to reach the standard criteria and then pour into the Zhongan Canal for recreation purpose. To set up the best practice of water quality maintain for the rest of rivers in our country, we expect to overhaul the water quality in Zhongan Canal and waste water in sewer and also designed the concept of environment creation in the engineering of water quality improvement and promote living quality in this area to distinguish the best performance for the metropolitan types of cities.

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