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The engineering project of creating ecological environment for grand metroplitan

With the extension of the second project of “The Development Project of Taipei Metropolitan Park based on different phase and area ”, The target of project is to create ecological environment and activity area for water event, provide open space and associate with the development of city. Also, the swamp reservation along the gallery of Danshui river and Dahan river are included in this project. The innovative contents included ecological area at exit and entrance, Jiang Cui water park and sport rest area at left banks, Erchong floodway and green gallery along the area from new bridge to eastern side of Chonshang bridge.

The construction of ecological area at exit and entrance, Jiang Cui water park and sport rest area at left banks include: excellent spot of observation station, increased understanding of ecology environment at outlet of river, reduction of heat from radiation, the connection area between the floodway around Shindian river and Dahan river and playing turning point of connected rest area of Erchong floodway.

  • Location : Banchau, Shanchon, Luchou and Wgu

  • Status : in preceding

  • Resource : This plan is to integrate all the neighboring cities along Erchong floodway and develop better living quality in New Taipei city, proceeding with the integration of the open spaces around Wugu, Shinchuan, Shanchon and Luzhou city and then apply the strategy of recreating environment to shape the this area as the large city park in grand Taipei metropolitan and finally reach the vision of intimate water, intimate sightseeing and intimate nature. Moreover, the entire landscape could be better effectively used and applied.

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