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The rebuilt of Danshui golden bank in the tourist corridor of Grand Danshui river

To integrate the development of blue ocean highway together with the rebuild of golden bankss, the setup of cycling park at Bali and the exploration of tourism resource along both sides of bankss, this project is to upgrade the river park through the buildup of Chonyan port, the creation of new landscape and the cycling path decorated with four season flowers.
The rebuild of golden bankss along Danshui river includes: 1. Shaping the new scenario by merging green water along bankss. 2. Covering the square measure with 2.49 hectare with grass 3. Improving the furniture and facility on the street along Danshui river.

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  • 1.  To increase the space for events – Making good use of the space at stacked bank and increasing sidewalk and landscape engineering, the project can promote the value of recreation, sports and sightseeing and then loose the intensive stress of crowded tourists in holiday.

  • 2.  To create friendly space – Improving the original pavement along the banks to provide facilities for accessible to people with disabilities

  • 3.  To renew old facilities - Renewing old chairs and replace with special golden designed chair with boat shape, then refurnishing the old trash cans with new one for the purpose of tourism

  • 4.  To expand interior land – With the completion of golden banks, there are more than 1.6 hectares land along banks that can keep the flexibility for the convenience of operation for fisherman.

  • 5.  To improve tourism – All the stacked area with dirt can be expanded as sidewalk and recreation area to resolve the problem of crowed space for tourists

  • 6.  To facilitate the boarding pier with the equipment with the function and decoration, then promote the value of tourism.

  • 7.  To improve the sanitation level around the area – Directly leading all the waster into Danshui river without accumulating stink smell due to the cut of twisted river course. The influence of dirty mud in the old river course also improved after filling old river course with dirt.

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