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Nantzi Ditch/ Ganlingpi Ditch/ Daan dike (Dahan river- Banchiau, Tucheng)

Current status:
The engineering of covering right bank fo the river with grass would be finished upon May of 2011, and the engineering of improving water quality would be finished on June of 2011 while the special route No.2 would be completed in 2013.

The potentials of remodeling issue and landscape creation:
Currently the landscape engineering is half completed on right hand side of the bank. The engineering of making green on right side of the bank can be proceeded right after the construction of special No.2 is done.

Multiplan with private and public sectors:
These sectors including Far East scientific industrial district and the comfort resident area explored by Veteran construction corporation.

Current important points for public communication:
To respond the vision of river porch and the evaluation of the possibility for intimate water and boating.

To implement the second phase engineering of landscape:
The recreation of the landscape along left bank, the construction of lighting point at Nanhsin bridge, the creation of entrance square and the acquirement of the public assets territory as the public park.

Possible encountered difficulties:
The argument of development in Fuzhou area still existed in the public and private sectors, like the city planning needed to be reviewed is still in the middle of processing, the unknown factors of appropriate housing policy and the construction of Giant Gymnasium and the second phase of remodeling river porch and relevant schedule for the transformation of city.

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