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Shuanshi River (The corner of Northeast)

There are totally 31 projects in the program. 8 out of 31 emergency engineering had been completed. Our bureau is now proceeding with one project to launch the emergency engineer at Fecha mountain by the Shuanshi river. 22 of them are in the middle of processing, including 8 of them with high consensus and the rest of them with the trouble of acquiring land and consensus. The later options for the project should focus on cleaning precipitation, including the partial section at Mudan river, Shindian river, Chioshe community, Fude temple and Konglia community. Also the warning system of flooding should be included in the alternatives.

The issue of water regulation and the potential for the creation of landscape:
Great opportunity to explore the paradigm of living with water community.
Shaping the ecological environment of intimate water in valley to reorganize the ecological farm for demonstration along the flood plain and integrate the education pond for swamp ecology and hiking trail of intimate water together.

Shaping the area of ocean culture, including the area around the outlet of Shuanshi river, to build space square or parks at the flood plain.

The critical points of public communication in current phase:
For the 14 engineering events with low consensus, non-engineering measures are adopted to prevent further disaster.
The creation of vision for the intimate water area along the banks of river.

Possible encountered difficulties:
For the engineering with embankment and the application of machines, the community hasn’t reached the agreement to launch.
It's hard to deal with the mass amount of earthwork.

  • Location : River Planning Section

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