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Nantzi Ditch/ Ganlingpi Ditch/ Daan dike (Dahan river- Banchiau, Tucheng)

Current status of managing the situation in Ganling ditch:
The project of measurement to deal with Ganlingpi ditch has been just approved .
The artificial embankment and cycling path has completed around the middle and downstream along Shipientou ditch, Daan dike, Konguan ditch and Ganlingpi ditch and the upper stream is more natural than the others.

The issue of water regulation and the potential for the creation of landscape:
Tuchen town can be associated with the creation of Nantzi ditch due to its rapid development, high population, improvement of water quality and the synergy from the landscape remodeling. Also, the quality of landscape is hereby promoted around the areas along Shipientou ditch, Ganlingpi ditch and Daan dike.

The critical points of public communication in current phase:
The creation of vision for reaching the consensus along valleys.
The solution to deal with neck of bottle has the following consensus, like deepening and diverting the ditches, doubling the height of banks and equipping the detention ponds.

Possible encountered difficulties:
All the subscribers in Tuchen haven’t connected to the pipes of sewage. Also, the water quality in this area needs to improve and the issues for recruiting lands need to be further confirmed.

  • Location : River Planning Section

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