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Kuanyinken river, Beishiken river and Zhongtziken river

The length of main stream to Kuanyinken river is about 6.61 km, covering the area with 968 hectare. The coverage of reservoirs for this project included Wugu areas with the square measure of 34 km2. Two third of the terrains in this area are plateau, other than the flat plain along southeastern part of Erchung floodway and the side bank of Danshui river.

There are six villages in total, including Kuanyin , Chentai, Chishien, Chifu, Chenzhou and Chende village and the areas covering master stream of Kuanyinken river, Beishiken river and Zhongtziken river with total population of 23,013 persons, sharing about 29.15 % of total population in Wugu. The engineering of regulating drainage along Kuanyinken river implemented all the measurement according to its original principle, including rebuild of embankment, the enhancement of , renewal of bridge, reinstallation of pumping station, the consolidation of flood gate by the priority of emergency.

The surrounding around Kuanyinken mainly focus on the scenery with hallway in and mountain and water. Based on the level of intensified interaction, all the application of design space classified into humanity environment and geology structure and the space of river was separated into reservation area, nature application area and artificial operation area. After adding floodway to the northern mountain around section between Lion bridge and Chifu bridge, the demand of diverting flood hereby decreased. Therefore more space around river can be applicable to redesign of community development and prettify the original concrete banks through the cover of grass.

  • Location : River Planning Section

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