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The Second Phase of Flood Prevention Project-Mayuan River and Fudeken River

Both Mayuan river and Fudeken river are located in Shanshia area, belonging to the branches of Shanshia river. Due to the lack of comprehensive consideration and planning on Paishue road, the upper stream of Paishue road twisted with steep slope and located in the area of Shanshia, therefore the drainage system from Mayuan river and Fudeken river are designed to resolve such problem. Other than conducting overall survey of drainage around the area between Mayuan river and Fudeken river, this project also adopted the simulation results caused by flood through the model of SOBEK. With the verification of impact from Lina typhoon, couple of critical factors that incurred flood have been further reviewed. The overall objectives for flood prevent are t passing the 10 years highest level of flood and ensuring the ultimate, . The principles of improvement are to contribute to the ecological reservation, promotion of landscape, leisure recreation and water utilization based on the concept of comprehensive consideration of terrain. The strategies to resolve flood are diverting flooding, short cutting the river and building drainage, such that the concept of flood prevention around Mayuan river and Fudeken river is applicable. The project is expected to complete in December of 2011.

  • Location : River Planning Section

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