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The Second Phase of Flood Prevention Project -Ganlingpi Ditch

Due the sediment deposition, the existing neck of bottle and not enough capacity of the floodway in the downstream of Ganlingpi ditch, the extensive range of flood then caused by the ineffective drainage. Hence, the further improvement project is in need to promote the function of flood prevention and drainage.
After the completion of the project,

All of the square measure of the area along Ganlingpi ditch and Chinshueken is about 420 hectare, the crossing roads, including super highway, Minde road, Chinshue road, Chinchen road and Xuefu road. The main objects included the box culverts penetrating No. 2 bridge of Ganling and Chnchen road. Also, the length of covers for the ditch along sport complex and Xuefu road is about 580 meters. Ganlingpi ditch is the main drainage in Chinshue area and the downstream of the ditch merged into the Sipientou ditch.

  • Location : River Planning Section

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