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The First Phase of Flood Prevention Project- Dakenkin river

The drainage of Dakenkin river belongs the drainage system of New Taipei City. All the outlets integrated into Erchung floodway. The drainage system contained master stream of Dakenkin river, the branches of Shuechueken river, Henkenkin river, Kechuoken river and its down stream and kuetziken river. The current flooding in the catchment area mainly caused by congested drainage along the down stream area around Shinzhuan and Taishan. The current problem mainly solved by the pumping station at Zhonkan and reduced the damage.

To improve such flooding problem, continuous implementation of this project would help to prevent flooding and promote the function of drainage.

The purpose of this project is to put all the hydraulic equipment under 10 years warranty and the prevention of flooding over banks for 25 years after the drainage system has been settled.

The upper stream of Dakenkin river, extending the areas from Linkou plateau to the field river at the mountain area with sharp slope around 1/30 and most of soil belongs to rocks and red earth. For the part of Dakenkin river along Shinzhuan to Wugu, the terrain is flat with the slope around 1/1,000. The Dakenkin river after Dakenkin bridge is merging into the Erchung floodway along super highway with the length of 9.25 km, covering the square measure of 36.35km2.

The strategy to encounter Dakenkin river is to associate the related drainage behind the embankment, other than the measure to renew the old drains and remove the precipitation. The design basis is based on the 10 years level of prevention criteria by adding 0.5m over banks or 25 years level of prevention criteria. Non-engineering measures would be implemented to prevent flooding if any of the terrains couldn’t be applied.

  • Location : River Planning Section

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