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The Public Art Installation Project for the Zhongan Canal

The main idea of design for this project is "Rotation" with the meaning of ecology, hydrology and humanitarian imagination. Focusing on the community, the project is to conduct an integrated experiment under the structure of organic and cycling public arts and associate with emotional connection. At the mean time, let Zhongan Canal become the current phase of experiment for the combination of human and nature. To recall the memory of relying water for the people living in Shinzhuan, the project is trying to retreat the dream about counting on "water".

All the ideas of works are related to water as main topic, like the core of "Chen" meaning clean water, and cleaning water is the original driver to the characters, like "Yio", "Shuo", " Man", "Yian", "Piau", "Yuan" and "Ke". They are all dependable and rely on each other to reach the ultimate target of peaceful life emotionally and naturally for Shinzhuan community and also reverse the old image of Zhongan Canal.

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  • Location : The Engineering Management Department of Flood Plain

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